USAG Bavaria Provost Marshal


One of those tasks that we all do not like very much is registering your POV here in Europe.


Here are some tips that can help you with the vehicle registration process in Bavaria:


  • You can only receive two sets of 30-day temporary plates with a third being A ONE-DAY ONLY plate.


  • If you fail to turn in your temporary plates on time, you will not be able to register your vehicle until you have served a mandatory penalty period two times the number of days you failed to turn in the temporary plates.


  • All vehicles listed under a person’s name must have a current registration in order to re-register any of his or her other vehicles – whether they are operational or not. If you have a non-operational vehicle and want to get rid of it, please consider donating it to MWR.


  • Finally, please do not wait until the final day before your registration expires before re-registering. Re-register your vehicle within 60 days of it expiring. Summer PCS season is upon us. Re-register early in order to avoid the increase in customers attempting to register their vehicles all at the same time. Additionally, please check the USAG Bavaria website for the process and required paperwork for various vehicle registration transactions. You can save yourself some time during your visit.